August 2011 - concert at the Villa Marina, Douglas, Isle of Man to celebrate the Manx Folk Dance Society's 60th Anniversary.
    Wayfarers performing The Elephant Stampede, Dunsmuir Waltz and Tremadheves.

    September 2008 - footage of Wayfarers in Madeira at dance festival to celebrate Funchal's 500th Anniversary
    performing 2 Manx dances: Hop Tu Naa and Turf Dance
    performing 2 Scottish dances:  Cross of Iona and Shiftin' Bobbins

    Middleton Hall, Staffordshire

    Manx Folk Dance Society

    Set and Turn Single.  The listings magazine for folk dancers

    English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS)

    Shakespeare's Birthday Celebrations 

    Lichfield Folk Festival

    Interested in social dancing?
    Many of our members enjoy calling, dancing and playing for social folk dance clubs.  

    Milverton Folk Dance Group, near Warwick

    Friendly Folk Dance Club, Solihull